The Sad Little Caper

Written by Christensen, Harris, Irwin

Pat: “The Sad Little Caper” was Jody’s idea. He had the basic riff. But then Don and I brought some more bits to it.

Jody [from Guitar Player interview, Nov. ’85]: I think Danny Amis had come up with the basic guitar lick — the sort of “Peter Gunn” line.  We were sitting around jamming, and I came up with those crashing chords at the beginning — which are stolen from some Henry Mancini thing or something.  Actually, Pat is playing the lead melody, and I think I doubled parts of it.  There were several overdubbed guitars, and David Hofstra played the bass.

Danny: I don’t remember a lot about it.  We were always messing around with different riffs.  The opening may have been an idea of mine; I’m not sure.  I liked that song a lot, though!



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