Piranha Salad

Written by Irwin, Harris, Christensen, Scott

Note: On the British and American vinyl releases of the Guitar Beat LP, this song is properly credited to the four original Raybeats; however, on the 1997 CD release (Bar/None), George Scott’s name is missing from the credits.

Don: We used to rehearse at my place, and there was a little Greek restaurant nearby where we’d go to eat.  They had a dish called tikka masala salad.  One day we were there yuckin’ it up, deciding what we were gonna have for dinner, and one of us — I don’t remember which one — got confused about the name and said, “I think I wanna have some of this piranha salad.”  We all started laughing, and it was quite a while before any of us could keep a straight face.

Pat: George was in the band when we did “Piranha Salad” so I don’t know why he isn’t listed on the credits. That opening bass line is all George.

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