Della Street

Written by Amis, Christensen, Harris, Irwin

Note: The Raybeats never recorded a version of this song; however, Los Straitjackets did it for their debut album in 1995.

Pat: “Della Street” was something that I had come up with. The band had been playing it live for a while but we never got around to recording it. Danny sort of revived it and put a Los Straitjackets spin on it. I like it. I always imagined it as a kind of rock and roll version of an imaginary Henry Mancini tune.

Don: That’s a great song.  As I recall, that’s one we wrote when we were out in San Francisco on tour.  We liked Perry Mason, the TV show and the books, and we were going for a ’50s-type feel with that song.

Danny: It was a song we had messed around with, never recorded, maybe played it live a handful of times.  [It] was never really finished either — but what a great melody line!  It just needed some fine-tuning, which I was able to do after getting away from it [for a while].  I’m sure the other guys never thought about reviving that one, but I always liked it.

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