Chat with Jody & Don – The first press about the Raybeats, this is a chat between Jody Harris and Don Christensen. It was published in Cover (an independent art magazine) in the Spring/Summer 1980 edition.

Band Interview – This is the first group interview, conducted by Richard Barone, who later formed the Bongos. It was published in the East Village Eye in June 1980.

“Only in America” (pt. 1) and “Only in America” (pt. 2) – This article, written by John Buckley, appeared in The Soho News on October 8, 1980.

“Raybeats, Rock Beyond Words” – This article was published in the L.A. Reader on January 23, 1981.

“There’s A Raybeats Epidemic” (pt. 1) and (pt. 2) – This ran in the 1981 Valentine’s Day issue of New Musical Express

“New Faces: The Raybeats” – This article, by Debra Rae Cohen, appeared in Rolling Stone on June 11, 1981.

“Raybeats: Beyond Words” by Monica Gillham appeared in Damage magazine sometime in 1981. A snappy photo also appeared.

“Bands Without Singers Gaining” (pt. 1) and (pt. 2) – This article, by Robert Palmer, was published in the Pop/Jazz section of the New York Times on June 19, 1981.

“The Raybeats’ Tight Return” by Perry Meisel was published in the January 20-26, 1982, edition of The Village Voice, along with this nifty photo.

“The Raybeats Are Wizards” (pt. 1) and (pt. 2) – Written by Drew Wheeler, this article appeared in the February 1982 issue of New York Rocker.

“New Faces to Watch” – This article appeared in the December 31, 1983, issue of Cash Box.

“Raybeats Hope to Set a Trend” – This article by P. J. Moses appeared in the Leisure section of Gannett Westchester Newspapers, Sunday, January 22, 1984.

“The Raybeats: Guitars From Outer Space” (pt. 1) and (pt. 2) appeared in Scene Entertainment Weekly (March 22-28, 1984). It was written by Marc Holan.

“The Raybeats: ’60s Music for ’80s People . . . and Vice Versa” – This is an interview with Jody Harris and Pat Irwin, conducted by Dan Forte. It was published in the November 1985 issue of Guitar Player    gp1     gp2     gp3     gp4     gp5     gp6     gp7

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