Links with info about or interviews with Jody Harris:

Jody Harris: A Trip into the Tone Zone:

Trouser Press: Jody Harris:

Robert Quine at the I-94 Bar (Part Two):

Perfect Sound Forever: Robert Quine Interview by Jason Gross:

 Links with info about the Raybeats:

Nightclubbing: The Raybeats

Bar/None Records: The Raybeats:

The Raybeats on Wikipedia:

Joe Bonomo article

Lost Bands of the New Wave Era:

   Links with info about Lydia Lunch and/or 8-Eyed Spy:

Wikipedia: 8-Eyed Spy:

New York No Wave Photo Archive:

Trouser Press: Lydia Lunch:

Perfect Sound Forever: Lydia Lunch Interview by Jason Gross:

From the Archives: Lydia Lunch

 Links with info about the Bush Tetras:

VH1: Bush Tetras:

Wikipedia: Bush Tetras:

My Space: Bush Tetras:

New York No Wave Photo Archive:

Punkcast #1076: Bush Tetras:

 Links with info about James Chance & the Contortions:

Wikipedia: James Chance

Wikipedia: James Chance and the Contortions:

The Blow Up: Interview with James Chance by Alexis Georgopoulos:

Epitonic: James Chance:

GBOAT: The Greatest Band of All Time: James White and the Blacks:


Trouser Press: James Chance:

The Unofficial James Chance Discography:

New York No Wave Photo Archive: Contortions History by Weasel Walter:

Discogs: The Contortions:,+The

New York Press: “James Chance Outlives the Hippies” by Jordan N. Mamone:

Dusted: All Tomorrow’s Parties: James Chance and the Contortions:

 Link to the home page of The dB’s (friends of the Raybeats):

 Link to interview with Peter Holsapple (the dB’s) in which he mentions George Scott:

 Link to Jesse Sublett’s “Bottle Rockets” (an excerpt from his autobiography in which he discusses his friendship with George Scott):

 Link to Jesse Sublett’s webpage:

 Links with info about David Hofstra:

Metropolitan Klezmer: About Metropolitan Klezmer:

CD Baby: Joel Forrester and People Like Us:

Phillip Johnston’s Transparent Quartet:

 Link with info about Ruth Polsky (one of George Scott’s girlfriends):

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