Chapter Seven


On August 5th, 1980, the Raybeats were scheduled to meet for a band photo shoot. Christensen, Harris and Irwin all showed, but when Scott failed to make an appearance, concern set in.

“We were only about a block away from his apartment,” Christensen remembered, “so we went down there to see what was up. As we got there, we could see the police going into the building.”

A friend of Scott’s from out of town had been staying at the bass player’s apartment and found the body just a short time before Christensen, Harris and Irwin arrived. The cause of death was a heroin overdose, a drug Scott was introduced to about three years earlier when he played in Jack Ruby.

It was a severe personal and professional blow, one the Raybeats never fully recovered from.

“There’s no doubt that George’s death left a void in the band,” Irwin recalled. “Actually, that’s an understatement. George’s death left a void in the entire New York scene. It wasn’t the same without him.”

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